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  1. thankfulmom

    Just a few words about the parent-child roles and addiction. Most people told me that my son, a young adult, would have to be responsible for his own recovery and that I should leave him alone and let him hit rock bottom, etc. That did not make a lot of since to me because these same people told me that a person stops growing when they start using drugs. If that is true then my son was not functioning as an adult. On top of that he was addicted to opiates, was making terrible decisions, and his life was in a shambles. The first few months were awful. He was using Suboxone and therefore was not having cravings, but he did not know what to do with himself.
    It has been a long road, but now, 2 years later, he is a different person. His confidence is slowly returning and he is back in college. I still go to his doctors appointments with him and we discuss his progress freely. He sees his therapist by himself and I do not question him. We told him that addiction was a family problem and that we would work though this together and support his recovery in any way we could. I don’t think we, as a family, have ever been closer. He knows that the goal is for him to be independent but that we will go slowly and that we expect “progress not perfection”.

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