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  1. Carrie

    I’d jst like to share my experience with Kimmie about treatment resistant depression.
    I had a history of depression for many years before I began using. I then hurt my back and began using opiates-lortab and at the end anything I could find in a pill form. I too felt wonderful on them-could concentrate-was working on my masters degree in nursing and was able to churn out papers like a machine. I was able to keep up with my children-one which is mentally disabled, i could keep my house clean-I thought I could do anything-until I couldn’t get enough of the drugs I needed-then I began living from appointment to appointment and not getting half of what I used to do done because 90% of the time I was seeking drugs at clinics. When I finally got to the point that I wanted to die-but couldn’t figure out how I knew it was time to seek treatment. I can still see where I was standing and what I was thinking during that time and I make every effort to not forget-it keeps me grounded.
    When I was hospitalized I was totally honest about my emotions, feelings etc. Come to find out-I actually have Bipolar type1 and adult ADHD. The opiates worked temporarily-at least until I began to obssess over getting them. I tried every way I could think of to “control” the way I took the,-I’d lock them in my safe so I could only get a few out at a time-forgetting that I know the combination! It took over 2 years to get my mood stable-the- last change was stopping the antidepressants all together and just taking mood stabilizers-That was the key-I do take suboxone but I don’t believe it had any effect on my being depressed or not-as that is the only medication that has not been changed since I was hospitalized 2 years ago. It did nothing to stabilize my mood or remedy my depression-it was there to help prevent a relapse while they were helping me get my mood stabilized and I also have a genetic disorders that cause spontaneous fractures in my spine-which is now stable as well.
    I hope that you see a good psychiatrist and telk about other option besides just taking suboxone-I’d be afraid that you may eventually end up with a huge problem along with the depression or perhaps another mood disorder.
    I could site here and go on and on about my story but I just thought it was worth it to share some of it with you so that maybe you could find an answer before you get to the obssessed. part.

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