Maybe not. First, those of you who have a fetish for ‘sleeping doctors’, maybe check out a different post.

Last night I did my usual curl-up position to see if it could cut of my circulation. Then I checked my foot pulses — the dorsalis pedis and posterior tibial arteries. I tried the popliteal but that one has always been harder for me to find. My foot pulses were easy to find, and strong. By the way, the nurses at Sulpizio hospital at UCSD checked my dorsalis pedis pulses multiple times, at least every shift. Do nurses at every hospital do that? Those little things, especially where there is physical touch (including feeling the wrist or listening with a stethoscope) are surprisingly comforting and reassuring. WAY too many machines these days, and the ‘art of medicine’ still matters.

My surgeon, Dr. Madani, starts talking at about 30 seconds into this video.

My arterial pulses were strong, but I had/have no swelling in my legs. If I had significant block of venous blood flow, wouldn’t my legs swell from edema?

I’m sick of writing ‘I have no idea’, so I’ll just say I don’t know. Back to the drawing board. If it runs in families, there is either a behavior I share with family members, an environmental risk factor we shared when we grew up together, or a genetic connection — one that hasn’t been found yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean a new clotting factor deficiency or a new molecule; it could be that a certain combination of this genetic mutation and that genetic mutation cause something to happen. Either mutation — called ‘polymorphism’ — might be fine by its own.

If that is the case. I’ll just have to wait until someone figures it out. My genetic lab is filled with dirty dishes and it is Nancy’s turn to wash them, and all of those rat brains freak her out.

Enough nonsense. Packers play today. Can’t say I’m excited. What is with Rodgers these days?

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Anonymous · September 18, 2022 at 12:08 pm

Dr. Junig. I think you would tell me to ….LET IT GO!!!…..Be Grateful that you survived and are recovering. Enjoy your day and “GO PACK GO” I’ll be at the game and it is because of you that I am able to control my anxiety and go.

Stephanie · September 20, 2022 at 3:06 am

I might have to agree with the first commenter who says let it go. In fact, I don’t even know if my brain would lead me to even ask the question “why”. But then again the difference between yourself and me (and probably 90% of the people reading these posts) is that you are a doctor- someone who’s been trained to think scientifically. Cause and effect. When I think about my body and how it works I’m probably pretty detached. I don’t think to myself – I am made of meat and bones and matter that is subject to all the laws of physics and all the things in this world that are much less fragile than I and my vulnerable body. I suppose I think my body knows a lot that I’m simply not privy to and I don’t search any further than that usually. When I got pregnant the first time I was quite impressed with what my body could do. Not that I think I’m in poor health especially, but that I didn’t have faith that my body was well enough to do what it needed to grow a human and do it well! And then a second child shortly after?! Now I KNOW for certain my body is stronger than I thought and this is encouraging. I think it’s pushed me to finally take a more active role in treating it well and maintaining the health I do have.

Sometimes the longer I write the less sure I am about the reason I thought to comment in the first place. So ok, it will probably bring you more peace to “let it go” and move forward with revitalized health. But, if you find yourself asking “WHY” and it’s simply a matter of curiosity and scientific interest then that makes a lot of sense too. Cheers to more tomorrows!

    J Junig MD PhD · September 20, 2022 at 11:27 am

    I find it comforting to shift into analytical mode. I think of how hard it was to type a few weeks ago, but I still found it so… relaxing?

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