1. Super Grover

    Amen. As I mentioned in your forum, it’s refreshing to see someone preaching the realities of non-acute opiate use. This happened to me to a certain degree, with opiate hyperalgesia (which you didn’t address in this post but have mentioned elsewhere) thrown in. Doctor doesn’t explain the limitations of opiates and tolerance, things spin out of control (in my case, thankfully no doctor shopping and only a couple of instances of upping the dose myself slightly and no more out of fear of overdose), I end up on Suboxone to taper off after the source of the pain was finally discovered and properly treated (with my pain receptors still firing improperly for the first few months, albeit not nearly as badly as they did while on the painkillers and during withdrawal. Plus, being ill-informed, after my relationship with my doctor soured for various reasons and I knew that even if it hadn’t, my dose had gotten much too high, I didn’t know that tolerance too high = withdrawal, for WEEKS in spite of visits to ERs, other neurologists, and psychiatrists who, in hindsight, seemed to be playing dumb in some cases so as not to second-guess the original prescribing doctor while I lied there screaming in the worst pain of my life from a combination of opiate hyperalgesia and withdrawal. This was actually the second time that this happened though it was slightly less bad the other time (and for those of you who absolutely have to take opiates while recovering from surgery or for cancer pain, AVOID OPANA ER LIKE THE PLAGUE. The time release doesn’t work properly for many people, including me).

  2. moe

    i have to give thanks to dr walsh for for his sincere concern but what happens to the patients who get left out in the cold some doctors tell you to take your time try to move on with your life but then dont return your calls and expect you to just to get well i dont get it i put all my faith and trust in one person the only person who can help you when your going threw hell and when i say hell you all know what hell is i thought i was doing good iwas taking suboxone for over a year and trying to recover from a oc addiction i put my self in detox met dr walsh who i must say is an excellent dr. and a good person, i was very sad to see him leave i guess it was the beginning of my downfall my insuranc was cancelled for a while and became a cash patient which wasnt easy i have since gotten my insurance back but am left with a chip on my shoulder i was left to run the streets trying to find suboxone on the streets with shady people which isnt easy to say the least, iam left with no other choice now except to start all over again i honestly didnt want to have to go back to the drug i was fighting for many years but im just confused and dont feel as if i have a choice anymore i dont know why it is so hard for a person who wants help to get help

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