Many people are aware of the anti-psychiatry lobby out there– the Tom Cruise’s of the world who feel the need to do battle with the mental health industry, using terms like ‘mind control’– ironically people who are the most vocal are the ones who appear to be victims of mind control and in need of a good psychiatrist!  I receive an occasional negative e-mail, usually from the methadone lobby who feel that Suboxone is a threat to their form of maintenance;  Is I have said many times, the important thing is to find whsomething that works given the current realities and availabilities of treatments in a patient’s area.
I received a particularly negative post tonight, and will share it with you in ‘defensive mode’, addressing points in the message as we come to them  In my experience letters like these are always about something that we won’t know.  What triggered this anger?  He starts with a couple things but eventually is taking the whole field of psychiatry to task.    I will finish my responses to the letter tomorrow AM– I work in my– how does he put it– my ‘money grubbing’ practice at 8 AM and it is now about 3.  I have to start getting mroe sleep!  I will leave you all with this teaser and the finish this post in the morning.  Good Night, folks!


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