1. Carrie

    Just to let you know and anyone else who may have the questions about surgery and suboxone. I had my surgery on Friday-adominal surgery and some additional procedures for vanity reasons)LOL- came home with JP drains, marcaine pump to the incision(hipbone to hipbone), scd’s etc! I have not had to take any narcotices other than the suboxone that I normally take-8mg twice/day. While in preop they did convince me to allow fentanyl intraoperatively and I reluctantly agreed. I have absolutely no recollection of the surgery and a vague memory of the recovery room. I started the suboxone back that same day(missed the am dose though)No problemsor signs whdrawal. It definately wasn’t easy but good ole tylenol, along with ice and the marcaine pump worked as good as any narcotic but without the “high”Which isn’t the purpose of opiates anyway. I’m sure the marcaine pump made a big difference.
    I’m not going to say it was easy-there were times I was praying to take the pain away, reciting the serenity prayer, etc. If anyone can learn from my experience-save yourself some agony and let you surgeon know-you’d be surprised at how they react-i had nothing but a positive experience from the entire staff-but I didn’t tell them until the day of surgery because I was embarrassed. So for two week prior to the surgery-I obessed over it, got depressed over, beat myself up over it-all for nothing! so do youself a favor and tell them in advance-just to save you some misery!

  2. cwhite

    Why did you say tell them in advance to save you some misery? What about if you just take one table of suboxen a day, do you think I need to tell them when I have the surgery?

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