1. dmcguigan

    Your summary about the possible medical problems that lead to medication use, and perhaps overuse brings up the question of where do people with problems start to address them. When panic, horrid nightmares, profound sadness, inability to sleep regularly are part of everyday life, where does a person go to begin climbing out of the hole? Alcohol and drugs are something people can find on their own, which sometimes stops the pain, even if the distraction is ever so brief. The drug user in my house seems to self medicate with what ever she can get….If you have health insurance and you have panic, you get a medication. You have sleep issues, you get a medication. The medications do not help. You get a sleep study, nothing shows, but you still can not sleep. Where do people start if they can begin to describe what they feel like,,,and they know that something is wrong with them and they are tired of hurting? How do you start to help yourself? If the people that are rich and famous, with money for Doctors can’t figure out how to get better, what do the regular people do? Thanks….

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