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  1. Emily Brasmeister (Brassy)

    I know this is isn’t a recent post, however it is a post that touches on a couple of subjects I was, researching for personal reasons…. It started with searching for false positive results urine results. When I read this, I was blown away. Some similarities are almost scary. I was researching results, because of my son- who found my sister- dead from suicide, when he was 16, she was 44. She was addicted to pills. He smoked a lot of marijuana. We had a good family.. etc…
    I do not normally leave any response, or messages for anything, however this obviously touched a few sensitive spots for me.
    I appreciate the Mother’s grief& it was just my sisters on September 2nd. I understand wanting to find a cause, and blame. For me personally, besides what happened after with my son, I play the “What If” game nightly. Which, I know, I lose every time. I wanted to& still, want to find someone- like her therapist to yell and scream at, and tell them she’s dead. I finally realized, I’m doing anything I can to not deal with the fact that she’s gone. That’s something I am an expert at.
    I also wanted to say, I have read many responses & answers the Dr. has given. I completely understood,& kind of cheered for you, at the end of your post. You offer a wonderful amount of information & content, that seems honest that no one could possibly get anywhere else, except multiple therapy visits,& probably not even then..So, I definitely, didn’t think you should have been the object of anyone’s anger, let alone, anyone’s anger over so many things that were happening. You weren’t the person to point the anger at. Questions, yes. I just wanted to say thank you, for offering everything that you do. Just so you know.. It Matters. You do make a difference.

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