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  1. billy

    I have been taking baclofen since early January for alcohol dependence, and it has been pretty miraculous. I have gone from drinking 6-12 drinks daily to having a single glass of wine 2-3 times a week.
    I have absolutely no desire to drink anymore, and I will happily have a single drink during social situations without fear that it will trigger a craving. I simply have no desire to drink a second glass.
    Anxiety management seems to be crucial for how this drug works. I would previously start to feel anxious and jittery every afternoon, and if I couldn’t get hold of a drink by 5 or 6 o’clock, I would feel exceedingly ill at ease. All of that is now simply gone.
    In addition, I feel absolutely no craving for baclofen itself – I have to consciously remind myself to take the drug, since I am prone to forgetting about it.
    I started at 20mg daily of Baclofen, steadily increasing the dosage every three days, and I found my therapeutic dose at 150mg. Sleepiness and slight cognitive fuzziness was a problem at that high of a dose, but after one or two days at 150mg I felt something “click,” and I simply had no desire to drink (my alcohol craving was slowly lessening with every increase in baclofen dosage, but it wasn’t until the 150mg level that I suddenly felt a total absence of craving).
    After maintaining the 150mg dose for several weeks (side effects got better but were still somewhat of a problem), I began to reduce the dosage in order to find the optimal maintenance dose. With a reduction in dosage (I’m now at 75mg daily, with an additional 25mg as needed), the side effects became negligible – the only remaining side effect is grogginess in the morning, and a simple cup of coffee takes care of that nicely.
    The dosage regimen is the same one as described by Ameisen in his book and journal article on the subject, and as followed by Buckman in his related article (searching on pubmed brings up both these articles – I think they were both published in Alcohol and Alcoholism).
    Ameisen reported having to go all the way up to 270mg before being able to reduce dosage, but it seems to vary from person to person.
    Unfortunately the drug is out of patent, so clinical studies will be difficult to fund, but hopefully Ameisen’s book will get something going. I’ve heard rumors that the French government is going to fund a study, but I haven’t seen anything concrete about that.

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