1. Beth

    I have been on suboxone for almost three years – it has been a lifesaver to both myself and my “wallet”…………i take 4 to 8 mg daily…..i am frightened of coming off due to potential “withdrawal” and opiate cravings again. To me this medication does it all, it takes my cravings away, depression and pain and it is legal……why is there so much negativity about it….i feel if you have to be on this long-term and are obtaining it via a licensed md who is monitoring your doses, what is so wrong. I do not feel a “buzz” from this medication as I tried to once and the nausea and vomiting was unbearable. To me, my body has adjusted to a certain amount and anymore than that, will make me sick.

  2. I hear you…
    Suboxone has a ‘ceiling effect’ so that above 4 mg or so there is no more opiate effect to be had– you will only block more opiate receptors, which does seem to reduce craving up to a point. I’m not sure what made you sick– it could be that you were not quite used to that much opiate effect and so became sick (opiates cause nausea in high doses). On the other hand, if a person takes tons of suboxone two things will happen; the buprenorphine itself will become more of an antagonist and start to reverse itself, and the large amount of naloxone– which usually has no effect– may reach levels that can cause a bit of withdrawal.

  3. Jeff

    Today is my first day taking Suboxone. I hope this will help some of your questions since I was terrified changing over to Meth to Suboxone thinking that I would go into major withdrawals from not waiting long enough. So I will tell you a little about me and my first day experience.
    I am 34 male 5’10” 180. I was taking 13mgs daily of methadone for the last three months. I started Methadone 3 years ago at 80mg and began slowly weaning for the last year to the present, 13 mg. Before Meth I started using opiates for 3 years first Hydro that led to Oxy that eventually led to intravenous Heroin use of $100-150 a day. My last dose of Methadone was on Tuesday at 8:00AM. I waited 53 hours (Thursday 1 PM) to take the 2mg Suboxone tab. I took it and paced my home waiting to feel the effects of either major withdraws or relief from the moderate withdrawals I was already in. 20 mins. went by and nothing really, 30min I’m starting to feel better, maybe a little. After 45 mins I felt…. FINE, NORMAL! PRETTY GOOD ACTUALLY! More importantly no perceptive withdrawals thank god. Its giving me no euphoric effects (I don’t feel high and lazy!). So far so good, and its 5:40PM. Tomorrow I plan to take ½ of a tab (1mg) since it has a 36 hour half life. Then the day after that I plan to take a whole and see how that works then so on and so on. (this is how my Dr prescribed it) The plan is to wean off of it in the next 1 to 2 months. I will let you know how it goes from here. Feel free to email me with questions I would be more than happy to discuss, [email protected]. I’m so grateful not having to go to the DISGUSTING METHADONE CLINIC every other day! Good luck to all!

  4. G.C. Murphy

    I’m really glad to be on Suboxone maintenance therapy. For me it’s a totally Win-Win deal. (Partly because of my insurance) #1.It completely takes away my cravings; all my receptors are happy, #2. It’s only $4 a week (!! vs. $80 with drug of choice), #3. I feel great all the time, and #4. I can fully function on it, never missed a day of work since starting.

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