I know I have said it before… but it is so cool to use the widget from feedjit to watch real-time hits.  If you haven’t tried it I encourage you to check it out– down the right sidebar you’ll find the list of recent visitors… you can click at the bottom of that window where it says for ‘real time’.  There I can see the search terms people are currently using… including one a couple minutes ago for ‘bitter taste’.  I am waiting for a patient to arrive at my office but this one is quick so I’ll knock it out.
A couple tips I have heard:  I have given my suggestion for dosing on this blog before– it will get the process down to five or ten minutes.  I won’t repeat it, as you can search for it at the top of the sidebar– try ‘dosing’.  Try taking chewing an altoid just before you dose, or a tic tac or any strong mint.  Try a listerine strip– those are so strong that they block taste pretty well.  Try putting a small bit of nutra-sweet in a tsp and put that in your mouth first (if you like that stuff– I can’t stand it).  You can put an altoid or other mint in your mouth along with the Suboxone tablet.  Finally, Subutex isn’t flavored and some people prefer it, although it still has the bitter taste and it also costs more.
Things NOT to do:  Don’t just swallow the pill whole– you will miss 90% of the dose.  Don’t rinse your mouth out with water or brush your teeth right after dosing– wait 15 minutes or you will rinse out the dose that isn’t quite soaked in yet.  Don’t limit the process to only a minute or two, as it does take some time for absorption to occur.
That’s all for now.  You may note the new buttons on the right side for purchasing recordings about treatment options–  many times I will be treating a person who has a significant other or parent at home wondering ‘what’s the deal with Subxone?’  The recordings answer that question after providing some background information about addiction and the treatment options.  The recordings would also be very useful for anyone considering Suboxone, or for someone who takes Suboxone but isn’t quite sure how it works.  I encourage you to check them out;  if you do make a purchase and have a comment about the tapes I will post your comment for all to see.

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