1. nathans

    Another great piece! This a compelling insight about how the character defects are not necessarily static but diminish or ‘get out of the way’ once buprenorphine treatment starts. BTW no need to start out with the apology for the re-run ; had you not replayed this post I, for one, would not have known about this fruitful alternative to the traditional methods..

  2. thankfulmom

    It took some time, but my son’s “character defects” began to melt away. After 2 years on Suboxone, the defects (i believe caused by the addiction) are gone and he is actually a very fine young man. He is better than he was before the drugs. He has taken responsibility for his past and is building a positive future.

  3. I understand that a study in the ’80’s showed that students at U of MN with “normal” personalities on admission, after a career of addiction, became personality disordered, usually borderline. 12 step programs may be the best treatment available for personality disorders or dysfunctional traits.

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