1. thankfulmom

    The only way the cap will get changed is if more doctors like you let the FDA know of the great successes you have witnessed. Also, you are so right about all of the therapy not being good. Once buprenorphine is mentioned to a therapist, all of your sessions become about that. If you need therapy for something other than addiction, forget it. I think that most of the therapist working now were trained on the step method and that is what they believe in. They are not up to date on medical management of opioid addiction and fall back on their belief that no drug is a good drug and you should be drug free. I have run into a number of psychiatrists who think the same thing. Perhaps the manufacturer of Suboxone should get their attention and let them know that their product is COMPLETELY different from anything they have heard of before? The word is just not getting out.

  2. YoungProfessorD

    From my experience, I believe there’s an additional factor which leads many Physicians to blindly push the counseling/12 steps; Certain Doctors simply can’t view HDB treatment objectively, add to that a limited understanding of a modern model of opioid addiction and the product is a Doctor who irrationaly thinks of himself as simply a pill machine for addicts – simply requiring a side order of ‘group sessions’ or ’12 step’ somehow eases a Doc’s consciounce.. To him/her, providing a medication for a chronic condition to a ‘regular’ patient with no qualms or second thought is acceptable; but providing what he/she may see as just another ‘pill’ (not having a decent understanding of the unique pharmacological properties of HDB) would just seem wrong without requiring some extra ‘hoop jumping’ on the part of the addict. This is exactly what I have sensed with my current provider, who I’ve been with for about 2 years. Like many out there, he is a Primary Care guy (Internal Medicine Specialty) whose area of expertise is not focused in behavioral health and addiction medicine.. I do however applaud the fact that he has taken it upon himself to provide a valuable community service in an area which is lacking in opioid maintenaince treatments, this guy has actually seen me for the last year waiving my bill each visit due to my current circumstance. That however is an entirely different conversation.
    D W Meyer – ‘Medicine Without A License’ —>derekwmeyer.blogspot.com

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