1. Staci

    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. Also thank you for putting this site together and for your quick responses to our questions.
    Reminds me of a patient who was hard of hearing and a bit demented… I gave him a prescription for suppositories but he was a bit confused about what to do with them. I asked him later how they worked and he said ‘for all the good they did I should have shoved them up my ass!

  2. The readership here might be interested in the following item from War on Doctors/Pain Crisis blog, which has links to other medical-blog discussions of buprenorphine for pain from the Pallimed blog. Hopefully some of you will find this interesting.
    “High Dose Transdermal Buprenorphine for Pain”- Barutell et. al, Pain Practice, 2008.
    which discusses the presented Abstract from a large multi-center study in Spain published just recently. Find also links to the discussion on PRN’s Chronic Pain Forums, which are informative, and to the discussion on Pallimed mentioned above.
    Enjoy! Thank you for your efforts with this blog.
    [email protected]
    Alex DeLuca, M.D., MPH
    Senior Consultant, Pain Relief Network

  3. Dear moderator – I did not know the format for URLs here – the link I tried to provide is to a peer-reviewed medical journal abstract, and Blogging for Peer Reviewed Research quality discussion of that abstract by me. Note that my site is HonCode certified, has absolutely no advertising, no corporate underwriting, no grant support, no registration. Just free information.
    So I think your readers would enjoy the resources from advocacy/medical blogs.
    The link again, to “High Dose Buprenorphine for Pain” link is:
    (I enclosed it in angle brackets, which may be why it disappeared. It is easy enough for me to just re-enter the comment – I’m comfortable with html or bbcode – just not sure what you are using.)
    so if you could add the link, or let me know to reenter the comment
    [email protected]

  4. Laura

    Hi, I wrote in this morning asking for your opinion on taking suboxone for depression and severe anxiety. I can not find my post or comment, although I had not signed up for the site until this recent comment. I’m just wondering where my comment went and if it was ever received. I am now registered under the name Larsy. I guess what I am really asking is if I should go off of the suboxone and go back to feeling hopeless, sick with headaches and aches and pains everyday, having no ambition, tired and sleeping all the time, feeling constant anxiety and having panic attacks everyday, overwhelmed and feeling like everyday chores were a tackle to face, getting by with doing just the things that “had to be done” and praying for the evening to come so I could just go to sleep, or if I should stay on the suboxone (2 mgs. per day) and feel like my old self, the girl who loves life and is filled with ambition. If anyone saw my first post from this morning Oct. 17, 2008 signed Laura, or if anyone can help me by sending me your comments, I would really appreciate it. Sincerly – Larsy (Laura)

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