1. Kitt10

    Started a group on Facebook over a year ago regarding opiate addiction.
    We need to join forces…… as stated it’s epidemic!

  2. Kire30

    For me, Suboxone didn’t eliminate despiration…it only eliminated cravings for drugs.
    Although I have only been on Suboxone for about three months….I feel desprate to change the way I have been living for most of my life.
    I am in my late 30’s though and I have been through alot. I know that if I go back to using drugs again I will loose my husband and kids, my job, and will end up in jail or dead. I know that everytime I start using again it gets worse. I have LIVED it so I know its true.
    I finally came to the realization that DRUGS DONT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!!!! (well, maybe for 5 minutes) But after that, I begin using daily and my life goes to hell. Real hell. So I’m thinking…There has to be a better way to live! A better way for me to be happy!
    So I went through detox and was going right into Inpatient treatment (again)….no plans for Suboxone….but something got messed up with my insurance and I ended up having to go to IOP instead. They were worried about me continuing with w/d when I got home, so they hooked me up with an AWESOME Suboxone doctor and I got on it without much knowledge about what it was.
    Now I am SO greatful things happend this way. I was desprate before I started Suboxone so maybe that has something to do with it too.
    I keep telling my Suboxone doctor that I rarely even THINK about drugs. This is after thinking about drugs almost every day since I started using at age 13! I told him I am not sure if it is the suboxone or the willingness for me to do anything to stay drug free. He laughs and says its the Suboxone….but I am not so sure!
    I am also using AA, the steps and a sponsor. I refuse to let them make me feel bad about being on Suboxone. I am finally experiencing REAL change in my life…I think with Suboxone and traditional recovery I have a fighting chance.
    I can see that a younger person would not feel desperate on Suboxone though, and I see the stale-mate situation you are talking about….I guess you just keep doing what you’re doing. Because right now you are one of the few doctors who really seem to “get” addiction. I have said this before to you in an email…but thank you so much for all you do. Kire

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