Ending Constipation from Suboxone and Buprenorphine

Constipation is one of the few potential side effects caused by buprenorphine medications, including Suboxone Film and Zubsolv. Fortunately, ‘binding up’ can be managed by making minor changes to your lifestyle. Constipation from buprenorphine is caused by activation of mu opioid receptors in the small and large intestine, reducing the sequential squeezing and relaxation (called … [Read more…]

Stopping Buprenorphine in Three Steps

Readers will sometimes ask for my thoughts about buprenorphine. I’m always happy to respond, time permitting. I’ve described how my patients taper off buprenorphine in prior posts, but the interest out there warrants revisiting the topic. Most people who become dependent on opioids become very fearful of withdrawal. That fear continues on buprenorphine medications like … [Read more…]

Suboxone Forum Upgrade

Regular readers know that I’m a psychiatrist and addiction doc – not a computer guy. When I started writing about Suboxone and buprenorphine twelve years ago, there were few other people writing about the medication. Of course heroin addiction was just taking off, and fentanyl was confined to operating rooms. I put together a couple … [Read more…]

New Design: Please Comment.

I have had a number of requests to lose the ‘shooting’ picture, so I tried out some new designs today and liked this one. I wanted something simple and ‘to the point’. Please post feedback in the comments section; as I have mentioned, I don’t have much of an eye for design. Ideally the design … [Read more…]

Get the party started…

A quick plug for publicity… if you enjoy the blog, please spread the word about it in any way that you can– if you like a post, please take a minute and hit the icon for StumbleUpon, Digg, or whatever your favorite social networking site. Likewise, please spread the word about SuboxForum.com— that could really … [Read more…]

Farewell, Paris

I am hitting the road today, homeward bound!  No offense to Paris, but it will be so nice to get back…  I have a new appreciation for anyone who doesn’t speak the language of the area, and for those who suffer subtle snobbery in any environment.  For example standing in a line at a store … [Read more…]

Do me a small favor…

I just checked my stats– I like to see the numbers go up, as it provides more impetus for me to write. In the ‘shameless plug’ department… I have a couple harmless requests: -First, look to the top of the right column, just above the PayPal seal, and click to ‘tell your friends about Suboxone … [Read more…]