Special Price for Informational Download

Special Price I have been selling a recording over on the right side of this web page–  the recording describes the treatment options for opiate addiction and the philosophy behind Suboxone treatment.  I recommend it for anybody taking Suboxone, considering Suboxone, or even for anyone who has a family member or even a boss who … [Read more…]

Suboxone Forum

A quick plug for the forum– I haven’t been there for awhile but just checked it out and it needs some revitalization…  certainly someone out there has the energy to get it fired up! Suboxone Forum

Reposts, Subscriptions

Some of the older posts were not transferred when I changed domains, so I will be reposting them.  I’m sorry if you have seen them before. If you like this site please consider hitting the ‘subscribe’ button and getting the posts by e-mail or RSS.  It is all free of course… Finally, help out other … [Read more…]

Suboxone Talk Zone

For those of you looking for me here, I have moved– you will find me and my blog here instead.  I am trying to decide what exactly to do with this space;  are there issues out there related to psychiatry and addiction that people would like to hear about or talk about?  Please let me … [Read more…]