1. MikeyP

    One big dose in the morning to take me through the entire day makes me very very tired though. If I took 8-16 mg I could easily lay down and sleep for another 12 hours even if I had just woken up. Also I’d have other side effects that you’d expect from opiates. The dizziness is especially bad. Trying to read a computer screen makes me feel like I drank too much. Driving, forget it.
    I’ve been on Suboxone for a few years, so it’s not a function of just being new to the medication. I find that breaking it up into smaller, more frequent doses reduces these side effects and helps me stay steady throughout the day but without feeling over-medicated at any one time. Do you feel this is appropriate?
    Thank you. Love the blog.

    • Thank you–
      It sounds like you don’t have much choice. It won’t physically harm you; some people who ‘chip’ just find that they become more and more centered around Suboxone– instead of opioids slipping into the background.
      I assume your experience comes from the dose varying too much; if you ever wanted to experiment, you could try divided doses every 12 or 8 hours… Although I don’t like to fix things that aren’t broke!

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