1. thankfulmom

    The things you say are all true. Each and every one of them happened to my son. I want to tell any struggling addicts out there to get help as soon as you can. It is out there. My son has been on Suboxone for 2 years and he has his life back and it is better than ever.

  2. nathans

    Another really well written piece, especially the reminder “even after years of sobriety I will hear addicts wonder if they can pull it off; find a way to capture that initial euphoria without the misery that follows. I can save them much trouble—the answer is ‘no’”.
    A variation of that point, trapping many into yet another relapse, is wanting to just get high this one (and, of course, only) time, simply to relieve the stress of this one particular moment. As usual, NA literature expresses it best: “Once is one too many and a thousand not enough.”

  3. Jay

    I wonder about this comment “The good news is that sometimes the addict will get miserable enough to take action. The bad news is that the damage will last a lifetime– not just the addict’s lifetime, but the kids’ lifetimes as well.”
    Why is this true? I’m wondering if you wrote this out of personal experience – you are a semi public person and your kids could be getting to the age where there friends realize the reality of the situation and making comments or whatever. Anyway, the statement seems to discourage people from getting help or even getting sober on their own. Is the implication that doing whatever it takes to get sober will inflict more damage on the children than cruising along in addiction?

  4. myselfagain

    before I started treatment that was my fear… will I be strong enough to stay away and not go back for that one more time…especially knowing I have the medicine to take the withdrawals away…and its appropriate that it is mentioned on the same page as the comments about it affecting your kids, because my kids are the biggest reason why I was afraid to get help, afraid of losing them if people knew, but at the same time were a huge part of the reason I knew I needed help (on top of hating it and being miserable even when I had something because of what it had done to my life). I wish I had found out earlier that seeking treatment can’t be used against you as far as losing your children. But back to my intial statement, I have discovered that it is not an issue as long as I receive treatment, because I will never put my children through that again, and having my life back is even better then that first time ever was even when my addict brain “talks it up”. I like to think if I went back to the beginning of it knowing what I know now that I never would have touched it, because that is where I am now. I will NEVER go back and put everyone I love through that ever again. I know it affected them but I like to think I can reverse whatever damage it caused, at least to some extent. I have to hold on to that belief because even though the addiction overtook me my kids are my world and I can’t believe I have doomed them in any way worse then going without the ‘normal’ me (at my worst I wasnt that different from before I started using, when I was in the deepest depression of my life, I think thats what they thought it was, and in some ways it was just like that only worse) or the newest video game or burger king for a while… I know my actions have affected them but that last paragraph just tore my heart out all over again and I can’t believe there was a time when I didn’t realize, or maybe did but ignored it, that it was affecting them too. It took a major life altering event for me to. Another great article. I love the blunt honesty of this site I’m sure it helps many people decide to seek help, and that is huge 🙂

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