1. i’ll approve this post– just to show an example of the bizarre thinking out there. A number of studies have compared the withdrawal from agonists like heroin or oxycodone to partial agonists like buprenorphine; buprenorphine withdrawal is milder. That’s why they use it as a detox aide– although I suppose that’s part the conspiracy too!
    It has always been illegal for doctors to recieve anything of value in return for prescribing. Since 2008, it is illegal for doctors to take anything of value, unless for services that are paid at a rate comparable or less than other medical services. So if I drive a few hours and give a lecture to doctors about a new medication, I will get paid about $400 for that 4 hours. Of course I would make more just seeing patients– and if I give a lecture, my office costs (rent, heat, lights, internet, phone, secretary, and malpractice) continue to add up. So I used to give lectures when my practice was first starting up 10 years ago; it is lousy pay, and often requires sleeping in a bad motel, so I haven’t done it since my practice was up and running.
    But ‘kickbacks’? You’re not even fake news. You’re living on a fake planet in a fake world. So you think it is your doctor’s job to keep track of YOUR insurance coverage? The number on your insurance card is there for a reason. By the way– you can always buy your own insurance like the rest of us do…
    One last bit of information to show the absurdity of your logic- if you are so sure that heroin withdrawal is ‘easier than coming off Suboxone’, why don’t you just use heroin, and stop that? Or do the same with methaodone? It takes about 30 mg of methadone per day to totally take the place of the maximum opioid effects of buprenorphine– so just take 30- mg of methadone, and voila- you’re off ‘this poison’, as you put it! Of course I don’t recommend it, because it is extremely difficult– impossible for most people– to taper themselves off methadone or heroin, and people DIE from those drugs– whereas death is almost impossible from buprenorphine unless used by someone with no opioid tolerance.

    • Sounds like you have an addiction to opioids. Your choice– heroin and oxycodone or buprenorphine. You’ll be far safer, and feel far better, taking the latter- and if you take your addiction seriously and treat it like the serious illness that it truly is, you may be free at some point in the future.

    • The problem isn’t ‘stopping subs’. The problem is lowering your opioid tolerance to normal. No matter the opioid, that takes about 2 months without using opioids. Stopping for 5 days is of no value, and only messes up your life even more. The process is to find a good doc, get stabilized for a period of time (where you are using NO illicit substances, taking meds completely appropriately, and getting your life in order). Only then, start a slow taper with your doctor’s help. Everything else is just playing, and nothing good comes of it.

  2. Heather

    When tapering and then being completely off of suboxone, how long does it take to feel yourself again? Is there still some withdrawal symptoms once you have moderetly come off this medication? I’ve been on methadone before and it took a couple months before I felt like a human being again! Worst withdrawal ever! I’ve heard subs take about 3 weeks at most but my dr doesn’t seem to ever have an answer for me when I voice my concerns. I’m afraid he just doesn’t really know all the answers to my questions on this medication.

    • The issue is often misunderstood. Your brain doesn’t care what pushed your tolerance higher; it only cares that your tolerance is high, and is no-longer supported by an opioid. So the only things that impact severity of withdrawal are 1. degree of tolerance, and to a lesser extent 2. how fast the drug leaves your system. The withdrawal from buprenorphine is about equal to the withdrawal from 40 mg of methadone. Methadone leaves the body a little more slowly, and buprenorphine isn’t missed until it gets below the ceiling threshold– and those things alter the experience a bit. The withdrawal from buprenorphine tends to be delayed by a few days, until the level gets below the ceiling threshold, and the methadone withdrawal is made a little easier in the first couple weeks because of how long it takes to leave the body. Otherwise they are similar– and resetting tolerance from ANY opioid takes 2-3 months to complete. My drug 17 years ago was fentanyl; that was very severe early, but still took about 8-10 weeks to finish.
      Go on my forum– you will find more help there!

  3. W3ns

    I’ve gotten down to 2 1/2 mg a day on Subutex. Had been feeling fine for months. All of a sudden I’m experiencing skin pain, depression (withdrawal symptoms). I have been taking it kinda weird though 1 mg in the morning then .5 3x a day. It never bothered me before but I noticed this one particular brand started the problem. I’ve since gotten a different brand and it’s a little better but has anyone experienced a sudden withdrawal after being on the same low dose for a long time.

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