Reckitt Benckiser announced that they were spinning off their opioid dependence pharmaceutical division, a group that makes all of one product in Suboxone Film.  RB dropped a clanger earlier this year when big pharma passed on the one-drug production line.

The new company, to be named Indivior, is not likely the dog’s bollocks, as investors are anticipating a drop in price when shares open, as competitors take bigger bites from the twee company. Enough of this Brit stuff– and thanks to the web page that tosses up Brit slang for us Yanks….

Indivior may have a short run.  Some handicappers anticipate a drop in value to the point where another pharma company buys the company on the cheap.  At any rate, owners of RB stock will receive one share of Indivior for each RB share.


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