1. thankfulmom

    Great post Doc!
    Tell me, how to you think Suboxone might have changed your life if it had been available to you in rehab? Or perhaps before you went to rehab?

    • There were a number of months, early in the course of my opioid addiction, when I knew I had a big problem– but was unwilling to enter residential treatment to try to get help. This was back in 1993, long before buprenorphine was available for this use in the US (I had never heard of it, anyway). I DID read about ‘rapid detox’ programs, but I was aware that even back then, there was something sort of ‘shady’ about that approach; addictionologists did not give it any positive endorsement, and I had read about suicides in some patients after going through the detox. I sometimes think that had Suboxone been around, I would have gotten on it before my medical board problems developed, and perhaps I would still be doing anesthesia. But then, I would have missed out on meeting all of the people I’ve gotten to know over the years; I probably would never have done community theater (which I did out of boredom after losing my job for two years, and ended up enjoying it very much), I wouldn’t have spend thousands of dollars in therapy (not sure if that would have been good or bad!). I’m joking about some of this… but in general I figure that things ended up the way they were ‘supposed’ to end up. I don’t have major regrets, but I do think that buprenorphine could have saved my family a great deal of misery– and that would have been a good thing.

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