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  1. thankfulmom

    You are so right about the strong feelings most people seem to have about Suboxone. I think the thoughts and feelings about addiction are so strong in our society that it will take time and education to change them. I read on the internet site of a well known rehab center their ideas about Suboxone (none favorable). I think for some people it threatens their beliefs and livelihood. Suboxone supplies the “endorphins” to the receptors my son needs to function just as insulin injections supply the insulin needed to help glucose enter the cells of our body. For some people, they could control their diabetes w/ diet and exercise, but they rarely do. Some opiate addicts can control their cravings and get on w/ their life, but they rarely do. I don’t hear anyone telling diabetics that they should attend meetings or go to counseling for the rest of their life. Or that their disease is their fault.
    Let’s change peoples minds about addiction.

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