1. nathans

    Another great chapter. It reinforces the opinion that i previously expressed that your writing style/voice is compelling. Combined, they make a difficult topic interesting so you want to keep reading.
    Also, an admin question: You have two blogs on buprenorphine: this one the forum http://suboxforum.com . Why both?
    Plus they are not obviously cross-linked as they should be since their target audience exactly overlap. There is a tab for this blog in the forum but it is lost among a long line up of other tabs. Making the Suboxone Talk Zone tap stand out would definitely increase the readership of this blog and hence, more exposure for your book.
    Since the forum has relevant content in its own right, surely interesting to readers of this blog as well, it makes sense to create a link from here to there. Or, better yet, combine the two.
    While I’m on the topic of the forum here is one more confusing issue: There is a call out on the top of the forum page with the text ‘Suboxone Talk Zone’ but the link is obviously broken since it takes you back to the forum. But, even worse, that specific link is totally misplaced since the top of the forum page is the place users expect to see the name of the present open page and certainly not a link to another site!
    But, before you make the effort to fix the forum, consider this: The forum format is, politely put, antiquated – in other words, it sucks; especially when compared to more ‘modern’ version, like this blog, for example. Have you considered porting the forum into WordPress?
    In ending, let me mix my critique with a compliment: the ‘Buprenorphine News’ on the right side is a very useful resource for the readers of this blog. We wouldn’t have known about this relevant info had you not included it. (BTW That is yet another reason to more closely link the two forums.)

  2. nathans

    I just stumbled into a mis-directed link on this site that ‘hides’ *dozens of comments* going back to 2008 and some as recent as this month. They are under the ‘Gifts’ tab above, of all places. Seems like they should be here under the main topic.

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