1. gabagool

    I found this site through a suboxone tapering site who is a big fan of yours. I can see why. I am just starting to devour this site, hoping I can get past all the “facts” about bupe and get to the real heart of what is what. IF i should get off, IF I should stay on for the rest of my life, why and why not, etc, etc, etc.
    But, my first post HAS to be one commenting on your brains. You EXCELLED regardless of HOW you were running your life. You MAY have dropped a BIT, but you got ABOVE HIGH MARKS if you were doing drugs or not. You got TOP OF THE TOP marks IF you felt you were worthy of being called a human being or not. WHATEVER you were doing in life, you excelled academically. Makes it EASIER for me to BELIEVE what you write………………..however, why does that fact make YOUR kicking the habit seem an act only possible for someone with, lets face it, mental skills (and whatever else that entails in ones psychology)on the top one half of 1/100th of mankind…….Its almost as if I see you as a drug addict IN SPITE of who you are, while I am BECAUSE of who I am….and thats a hell of a lot different….to me, at least.
    Well, back to learning about you and hopefully, me.

  2. gabagool

    Oh..ps…..this lonliness you felt, this….STANDING out from your fellow students, not fitting in…….I know EXACTLY how you felt…and I mean EXACTLY….with me, it was my hair….I had started losing it early in high school, by college I was a psychological MESS, AND I MEAN MESS.
    Wore a baseball cap………………EVERYWHERE.

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