I have had a couple comments about the picture of the using addict at the top of the blog– that the picture is ‘disgusting’;  the I am a disgusting person for having it there (that one surprised me a bit); or that the picture glamorizes drug use.  I am also aware that i am ‘stuck’ at a certain readership of around 180 hits per day, and I would like to increase those numbers– and I am taking a look at the design of the blog and considering making changes.  You can help me out in a couple ways.  Didn’t I just ask the readers for something a few posts ago?  Sorry– this is one of those ‘participate’ blogs!
You can help in two ways.  First, respond to the poll attached to this post, about the picture in the blog header.  I’m sorry for the small print, but I haven’t figured out how to make it bigger. You can select one answer, or multiple answers. Second, and here is the contest part–  send me the picture that would be MORE appropriate for the header.  Send me any picture that you have the rights to– i.e. don’t take someone else’s content on the internet, as then I could get in trouble for using it.  E-mail me a picture– a photo, or drawing, or any original digital content– that best summarizes and portrays your experience with addiction.  You can send something that expresses the misery of using, or something that shows the joy of recovery… or something that accomplishes both!  With the picture, send a short written description of why the photo is meaningful, and what it means to you.  I will have to run all attachments through a virus scanner, so don’t send any ‘animated’ gif files or .exe files.
[memedex: pollid#488270]
I will be the judge– there have to be some perks of owning the blog!  ALL entrants will receive your choice of one of the two recordings for sale on the site– specify if you prefer ‘treatment options’ or ‘sober after Suboxone’.  The winning entry will receive both recordings, and for the next three months will have the picture displayed in the header with whatever attribution the person prefers– actual name, pseudonym…  along with the story about the photo that is included with the submission.
If there any other suggestions about layout, content, widgets, etc, please feel free to add them to your submission or send them separately.
The e-mail for submissions:  contest@suboxonetalkzone.com
Thanks in advance!


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