1. sharkzfanz

    I have been on Suboxone varied dose for about 13 months and it is a great addition to my regiment. I am on 16mg daily in one single dose. I am currently having trouble sleeping. About two weeks ago I was taking the suboxone nightly and then had the issues sleeping so I changed to morning dosing to see if that would correct the issue.. It did not.. I am wondering if Ambien would be an alternative for short term aid in sleeping. I am have been sleeping about 2.5 hours per night for 2 weeks and you can imagine how tired I am. I heard there is a new FCC approved zolpimist which is Ambien in the spray which acts faster have you had any patients try that? I also heard Ambien is generic now and works wonders do you have any opinions about it? My doctor does not like Sleeping aids and is very traditional and said I need to contact a specialist if I want to do anything like that and just need an opinion as I just want to get some sleep and get back into a routine. I heard you do not want to take Ambien for anymore then 30 days is that true? Thanks for any advise you can offer me… I can be reached via email at [email protected] thanks!!!

  2. The best option is to go without meds; the quality of sleep is always better without medication. Be sure to pay attention to ‘sleep hygeine’, like keeping a regular schedule, avoiding caffeine after noon, staying out of bed during the day, avoiding naps, waking to an alarm every day… I am not familiar with the mist you mention, but the problem with Ambien for some people is that is wears off very fast– after an hour or two. So people who wake up in the middle of the night end up deciding whether to take another pill. The CR formulation helps avoid that– it is more expensive, but it is a much better sleep formulation in my opinion. Other meds that last a bit longer include Lunesta and Sonnata; the medication Rozerem is different in that it isn’t a controlled substance and it doesn’t make one feel sleepy– but it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep.
    There is no 30 day limit in an official sense; most people end up taking them far longer than that. The problem is that they all eventually have some tolerance that reduces their effects. You will also have trouble sleeping for a couple days after discontinuing any of them.
    Your best bet might be a medication like clonidine or trazedone, or hydroxyzine– they are all relatively inexpensive and non-addictive. But again, try some non-medical things– progressive relaxation, guided imagry tapes… focus on your breathing… whatever. You will feel more natural, alert, and clear-headed.

  3. sharkzfanz

    Those are great suggestions. I have been i bed since 10:30pm and its 12:45am and I still cannot sleep. I only got up to update this post. I have done some extensive sleep studies and have had issues for many years… I have not seen a sleep specialist in about 4 years and the clinic and doctor I went to have since closed shop..
    I was taught among other things the following and try to follow it.
    1) Bed is just for Sex and Sleep and nothing more….
    2) Do not watch TV before bed ( I removed my TV from my room and only watch in the living room)
    3) Do not eat and do not drink much water before bed
    4) No caffeine after 2PM or it may effect sleep
    5) Build a habit and keep it regular
    6) Dim the lights if possible well before bed time
    These are just some of what I have tried… I used to be on trazadone and I dont know if this is normal but my leg always twitched really really bad…. I used Ambien for 5 days about 7 years ago and I slept wonderful thats the reason when I saw the mist I was intrigued… I dont think there’s a need for it and since the CR is more expenive might not be an option since I am between jobs.. That is what makes everything so hard… I slept 1.5 hours last night and nor more then 2.5 in the past 2 weeks. Everyday it gets harder and harder… I mean I am so tired I can barley get up to look for work and thats like a double shot. Back when I was having sleep issues the doctor tried everything from rozerm to cloral hydrate ( I know that one was an old one) but the only thing that worked was Ambien.. I hate that they closed as it makes my life hell. I cant afford to see the doctor but cant afford to not sleep its vicious…
    Do you have any other ideas???

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