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  1. Stace

    YAY Doc – You tell him! I started clapping like a school girl when I read this part of your post – it’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE and if anyone can’t understand it then… I’ll be nice and not post the rest of my thoughts 😉
    “Do you remember when you started Suboxone, how lousy you felt, and how Suboxone eliminated the withdrawal? YOU NEVER FINISHED GETTING OFF THE STUFF YOU WERE ADDICTED TO. There is no ‘free lunch’; Suboxone allowed you to avoid all that withdrawal; if you stop Suboxone, you have to finish the work you never finished before– going through the withdrawal that you ‘postponed’ with Suboxone! Welcome to the real world– you likely abused those pills for years, and if you don’t want treatment with Suboxone, you had better start a recovery program, or you will be right back to using again.”
    SIGH – you must REALLY be sick of constantly having to explain yourself and to re-write things over and over.. I don’t understand some people should just start from the beginning of your blog and work themselves up to recent… then they’ll be tired and tuckered out also then we’ll all know each others stories and we can be bff’s for ever while riding sliver unicorns on the rainbow… OH OH and while eating nothing but skittles.. Just trying to say here that a lot of ppl seem to be in that unicorn world and don’t want to wake up to TODAY!!!
    Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

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