Do me a small favor…

I just checked my stats– I like to see the numbers go up, as it provides more impetus for me to write. In the ‘shameless plug’ department… I have a couple harmless requests:
-First, look to the top of the right column, just above the PayPal seal, and click to ‘tell your friends about Suboxone Talk Zone’. Please send the message to anyone you know who is taking or considering Suboxone.
-Second, move down the right column to just below the ‘blogroll’, and click to subscribe to the blog. If you have never subscribed to a blog before, click on one of the services you are signed up for, or just click on ‘RSS’ and you will automatically get each new post in your outlook. More subscribers are detected by Google, and my blog will move up in the search results when people search under ‘suboxone’.
-Third, if you have a blog or web page of your own, please give me a plug and link to me. Let me know if you have a site related to the topic, and I will like to you as well.
Thanks all– I’m done for the night!

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