1. moman

    I follow the NAABT forum and there are a few docs who post. A few have been bupe docs, but there is also an ER doc trying to increase his understanding.
    Great idea!

  2. thankfulmom

    I am in favor of anything that will help doctors understand Suboxone and especially its long term use. Treating addiction like any other disease and the patients like patients with any other disease would be a step in the right direction. And kudos for the ER dr trying to increase his understanding.

  3. Brian

    Excellent idea, it seems to me that not only doctors but a lot of medical personnel in general are not familiar with bupenorphine ( Suboxone ). As an opiate addict in recovery I encounter so many people in the medical proffesion that have either never heard of it or think it is the same thing as Methadone and dont care to learn about it. This is not only ignorant but dangerous because accident and emergency room victims will suffer.

  4. patoh8

    My name patrick, i used to live in Florida where I was being treated with suboxone for my opiates addiction. I had to move to lebanon in 2007 and i was unable to continue my treatment here because subuxone is not available here. I’ve been using heroin ever since and i’ve had no luck in getting subutex or suboxone. Since you’re a doctor i was wondering if it’s possible to do anything about that, i do still have family in the states who can send me the medicine here but they just don’t know how to get it. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance,
    [email protected]

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