1. hatmaker510

    Hi Dr. J,
    Thanks for giving us your perspective on this issue. I think the fear of experiencing something similar to that of your first letter above hangs over the heads of many of us. Refusing to treat the pain of opiate addicts is akin to some kind of apathetic cruelty.
    As for Reckitt, do you think it would do any good if we started a letter-writing campaign to them about our experiences and concerns in this specific area? I believe they must be made aware of their failings if we expect to see any improvement.

  2. Thanks for reading– I don’t know about a letter writing campaign because I have trouble even finding the address for their US operations! That is part of my frustration– I can reach much higher on the ‘food chain’ of other pharmaceutical companies, just as a ‘regular psychiatrist’– but R-B seems to have very high walls around itself. I was recently interviewed for a story on the blog and the writer stated my thoughts well:
    ‘you would think that with your own experiences as an addict, your education, and the fact that so many people write to you, that they would be interested in your opinion!’
    I said ‘yup.’
    If I get some comments here over the next few days, I’ll send them to RB– so if anyone has something to say, go ahead and say it.

  3. angelo212

    I can’t tell how pissed off your mesage got me. I swear I hate most doctors. I can go on and on about experiences when it comes to suboxone and various doctors. None of them even take insurance. They want cash money when you tell them your there for suboxone treatment. “Oh we take that insurance but not for our suboxone program”. Why not? Every doctor in NJ is like this. I tried them all in a 5 mile radius. I know more about the drug then some doctors that are allowed to give it out. As far as RB is concerned I have a letter to send them. If you can give us the US operations address that was so hard to find that would be helpful.
    One doctor said to me he wanted $300 my first visit and I had to keep coming back every few days to get the drug as a charge for each visit. I said I want to go on maitence which I have been on for 3 years. He said no way that is against the law. I told him to get a computer and I’ll show him suboxone is given out as maitanence doses for people who want to stay on it. I’m rambling now. I better go.

  4. hatmaker510

    Dr J and all interested in contacting Reckitt,
    This is the address I found from two different sources:
    Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC,
    10710 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 430
    Richmond, VA 23235, USA
    Phone numbers: 804-379-0907; 804-379-1090
    As I posted on the forum, we probably should come up with the main points to put in our letters, but not use a typical form letter – we’ll still write out own.
    Thoughts anyone?

  5. beyuto

    This entry has moved me to register to sign on. The frustration expressed with RB and its marketing and distribution is something I see daily. I am a nurse working at a Behavorial Health facility in New Jersey. The attitude you expressed is one I see daily. Our addictive patients are given suboxone for detox only. Never for maintenance and if a patient is admitted to the facility (usually for other aspects of their disease such as depression or bipolar) who take suboxone for maintenance physician always hiss, smirk and comment negativity.
    I sit quietly while these ignorant comments are made as my view is in gross opposition to the bias-is expressed. I sit quietly to maintain my anonymity. I am not comfortable disclosing my connection with suboxone. My daughter is on suboxone and I believe it is a near miracle drug. Suboxone has for her eliminated all cravings for the heroine she was using. She is finishing up her BS degree and will be entering graduate school in the fall. Not one of her friends (I should say previous friends) that are users have opted to use suboxone and all and I repeat ALL are still using even as their drug use continues to graduate in frequency and quantity.
    As I see my daughter do so well I fear for those who never get the chance to try this option of sobriety. When an addict is discharged from the facility in which I work I fear for their health and survival. A moment or two passes through me in which I am frustrated and disappointed with my employer.

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