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  1. bottlecappie

    I got my first cavity ever at the age of 35, after being on Suboxone for 9 months. Coincidence? Maybe…
    I think you’re right about the dry mouth thing. My Suboxone doctor recommended this toothpaste called Biotene, which is made to combat dry mouth. It’s a little more expensive than Crest or Colgate, but holy crap does it ever reverse the dry mouth issue. I don’t know how it works, tried to google it but couldn’t find out much. Enzymes or something that encourage salivary production??
    In any case, I wish I’d heard about this years ago, as I’ve been on other meds that have the same dry-mouth side effect. My doctor said he’s had 4 people try the toothpaste and 3 of us said it worked. The other one said it was crap. Not exactly a scientific sample, but that’s what I’ve got.
    For 6 or 7 bucks it’s definitely worth a try, especially considering the cost of dental work.

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