This is tonight’s question from the ‘search phrases’. The answer:  No.
But there must be more to the story.
I’ve always wondered why methamphetamine addicts tend to have teeth missing, and the teeth still present look like they ought to be pulled.  I assume it comes from poor diet and no brushing… but they are so nasty that there must be something else involved.  I will see what I can find out over the next couple days.
One thing that is bad for teeth and common to many addictions is a dry mouth.  Saliva serves a few important functions;  it serves as a buffer for acidic foods and substances;  it lubricates the teeth during chewing;  it rinses away particulate matter.  Many drugs and medications reduce the amount of saliva, and this reduction in saliva makes teeth more susceptible to decay.  The effect on saliva is largely due to ‘anticholinergic’ side effects, something that many medications share.

So if you have a dry mouth, your teeth are likely at increased risk for decay.  Consider avoiding sweets when you won’t be able to brush afterward.  When we are young, the idea of caring for our teeth seems to be unimportant.  But some day you may be entering the dating scene… and while I have been out of the dating scene for quite awhile, I would bet that having teeth improves the odds of getting a call from someone viewing your profile!

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bottlecappie · November 25, 2008 at 11:20 pm

I got my first cavity ever at the age of 35, after being on Suboxone for 9 months. Coincidence? Maybe…
I think you’re right about the dry mouth thing. My Suboxone doctor recommended this toothpaste called Biotene, which is made to combat dry mouth. It’s a little more expensive than Crest or Colgate, but holy crap does it ever reverse the dry mouth issue. I don’t know how it works, tried to google it but couldn’t find out much. Enzymes or something that encourage salivary production??
In any case, I wish I’d heard about this years ago, as I’ve been on other meds that have the same dry-mouth side effect. My doctor said he’s had 4 people try the toothpaste and 3 of us said it worked. The other one said it was crap. Not exactly a scientific sample, but that’s what I’ve got.
For 6 or 7 bucks it’s definitely worth a try, especially considering the cost of dental work.

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