1. Barbara

    I live in the UP and take Suboxone for pain. I’ve BEEN taking it, AS DIRECTED, for well over a year and a half.
    Now suddenly, the ONE pharmacy who will fill the prescription from my downstate pain doctor is going bankrupt. Not out of business, mind you, just bankrupt. And suddenly, ONLY my Suboxone prescription is unavailable from them. Don’t know if or when they’re going to get it. But my husband, who is a Stage IV cancer patient, has no trouble getting Percocet.
    I contacted other pharmacies in the area. There are exactly five. Three don’t carry it at all. One doesn’t carry it in pill form. One won’t prescribe to people outside his county. That pharmacist told me it’s considered “poor man’s heroin” here in the UP. He says it’s going for up to $50 a pill on the street.
    I don’t understand that at all. I’ve never once had a euphoric effect from Suboxone. And how is the medication that is supposed to help prevent addiction suddenly harder to get than the addictive medications?

    • I’m familiar with the attitudes in your part of the country. So much ignorance about buprenorphine, even as Federal health and science agencies note that buprenorphine treatment is essential to reducing the deaths from opioids. I would suggest contacting your state government representative, because that’s the person who is supposed to help his/her constituency with this type of problem. If that person is an idiot, though, I don’t have an answer.

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