1. surgex

    Good post. I just thought I’d like to add some things and ask a question to SuboxDox.
    The firt thing I’d like to add is that buprenorphine testing is becoming more and more common in law enforcement \ court programs. This is because people who are being prescribed suboxone in rehabs, half way houses, and even out patient programs often sell their pills to opiate naieve people — who of course can get ripped off of even a tiny bit of an 8mg tab.
    The second thing I’d like to add is that I’ve never heard of it being tested for in an employment situation. Methadone is a different story though…like the Dox says, if the job you’re interviewing for requires you to operate machinery, then I’d say they would DEFINITELY test for Methadone. So it would all depend on the type of employment…
    Lastly I wanted to ask a question to SuboxDox — you mention that the person could say Suboxone was being prescribed for chronic pain…I was under the assumption that no doctor is able to prescribe Suboxone for anything other than Opiate Addiction \ Detox \ Maintenance in the United States. Are you sure about this?
    Maybe you meant just plain old bupe in low doses (like temgesic or whatever it’s called) — now that I could understand being prescribed for CPers..

  2. Any doctor can prescribe Suboxone for chronic pain– there is not even need for the waiver, for that use. Most docs don’t realize this, however. It would be the same as any other ‘off label prescribing’, something that is done all the time and is perfectly legal and professional. Patients don’t realize that ‘fda indication’ does not regulate how doctors prescribe– it is intended to guide the use of medication for certian indications. But when a new use for a med is found, many times no drug company is interested in spending the millions of dollars to get the indication– which by the way is required to advertise or market the drug for such a use.
    There are longstanding laws against prescribing an opiate to treat withdrawal– the waiver is to allow docs to do that. But there is no law or regulation or anythying else– except doctor ignorance— that prevents a doctor from using it for chronic pain.
    As an aside, I do see it used for chronic pain more and more; I am also getting more and more referrals by doctors, asking me to ‘switch their patients to Suboxone’ for their chronic pain.

  3. daveprince13

    I know you probably get this all the time suboxdoc, and I apologize for my noobishness. I have a question for you so instead of just asking you here and pretending like my problems are a million times more important than anyone else’s. Can I ask you for a better place to post or contact you with my question? I love the blog and it gives me hope.

    • Peter oloughlin

      Wow, this just eased my nerves a lot, I was on Oxycodone for many years and ended up in rehab and was prescribed suboxone for the withdrawals but no longer need them for withdrawals and now am being prescribed subs for my neuropathy pain… Was a little nervous to say the least when I read on here that it was only prescribed for opiate dependency which I no longer am dependent, and I have a medical exam for a correctional officer position on the first of March and as long as I pass the whole medical, I get the job.!.!.!.! Thank you for clearifying Soboxdox…..

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