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  1. moman

    Thanks for this latest installment! It makes understanding the medication a lot easier. This comment was posted by some genius on another forum and I wondered if you’d comment::
    ““Naltrexone causes withdrawal in people who have a high tolerance to opioids, even if opioids haven’t been used for weeks.”
    This is not true. Someone who has not used opioids for weeks will not experience withdrawal when they take naltrexone. I’d like to see the reference to this claim.”
    My feeling was that, perhaps the wording might be ” *may* cause withdrawals….”, but I have heard similar statements elsewhere so I doubt that the statement is false. My personal experience using Revia (naltrexone) was that it was worthless: did nothing to stop cravings. There seems to be a small group of folks advocating “LDN” (low-dose naltrexone) for people coming off sub…..but I am unsure if that is even an accepted use for the drug.

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