Not much time today because of working (from home). But it raises the question: How often should I post? I know I’ve been blasting people. That can’t last unless I start giving weather updates.

I will point out for stock traders that some people have been saying that the market is disconnected from reality… that the rapidly-falling GDP, the rapidly deteriorating housing market, and inflation (go to where they measure prices on millions of goods. Spoiler — it is rising again) don’t matter, that the market will look past the coming recession and focus on an eventual recovery.

But look at a plot of the ISM purchasing managers’ index, one of the best gauges of economic activity. It is a leading indicator. Find a 20 or 50 yr plot, and put it over the price of the S&P 500. Notice similarities?

Enough money talk. Don’t invest much, and then you can just watch it for sport! One side is losing today.

I think I will shoot for putting up posts twice per week, and I promise they will be more interesting than this one. PLEASE help me by asking questions or suggesting topics in medicine you want to know more about.

I started e-prescribing today. Bit the bullet…. I don’t like electronics between a doctor and patient, but more and more states require it. My primary care doc records our appointments, then has them transcribed. He doesn’t even need to dictate. Two issues…. there are things I would NEVER say, knowing I am being recorded. And second, I often have realizations as I dictate. “Oh – I really should add a second mood stabilizer” or “have I checked levels of lithium lately?” Maybe they have answers to the second. But I can’t help but clam up with the first. Luckily I don’t have secrets right now. But who is going to admit to a drug problem with a tape running?? Or marital problems? Or problems with shoplifting (which has come up several times in my office)?

Cheers people. Email me ideas or leave them below.

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