A quick plug for publicity… if you enjoy the blog, please spread the word about it in any way that you can– if you like a post, please take a minute and hit the icon for StumbleUpon, Digg, or whatever your favorite social networking site. Likewise, please spread the word about SuboxForum.com— that could really be an interesting place if we can generate enough momentum. There are now so many people out there with questions about Suboxone; the forum would be a place to share your experiences and knowledge with those looking for info, and would hopefully be a place where you could discuss Suboxone without getting blasted by someone else.
Yes, I am making about $2 per day in adsense revenue from this blog– for some reason, opiate addicts seem to have a real aversion to clicking on links! My desire to spread the word about this blog and the forum is more about the fame than the fortune, I guess… just in case that matters.
Let this be the day that you take a minute and send the links to someone, mention the forum somewhere online, submit a post to Stumblers… I really appreciate it.
Jeff J


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