1. superbowlfan

    Thanks for all the wonderful info; I read for over an hour. I have been on Suboxone for three week, and it has changed my life.
    Three years ago I began seeing a pain management specialist for low back pain, and ended up on 360 mill/day oxycodone.
    You know the story from there: My first Dr. chased my pain, and after a while the chase was all that mattered. Then I became scared and alone as discribed.
    On October 29th 2008, I went to see a new PM Specialist. He put me on Suboxone, did an MRI, and found a torn disc – which was treated with steriod injections. Now my pain is gone and I am alive again – all in three weeks.
    Miracle? No. Cure? No. A start to an easier recover and gaining control of my life again? Yes! Wow, yes!

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