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  1. paul bowman

    I am sick that reckett bencnkiser is going to be puting another drug on the market. Just as we were going to see a generic suboxone in oct. The have a new brand name drug that works better and is safer. The first problem with them is the were paid by the us taxpaper to develop suboxone in the first place and now, when so many patients were going to be able to afford the generic a new medication. They new the putting Narcan in suboxone did nothing to the bupernorphine and why would it. Who researched that and drew those conclusions, I am sick of drug companies making so much money off the under served people of this country forcing them to sell their medication to afford to buy it. I think all of the wonderful medication will be eventually stopped and vivitrol will be mandated. Its all about the money and it make me sick.

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