1. shelwoy

    After watching your video, I only further stress the idea of not going off Sub just for the sake of doing so.I recently left a treatment facility because of giving me a forced taper plan.My idea is if this is the best I have ever felt or ever done with recovery from addictive behavior, why change it?

  2. Stace

    Again ~ Job Well Done Doc 😉
    It was so much more real to hear you and see you tell your org. story then to just read it.. ok a lil off subject but this is killing my insides so I’m going to throw it out and hope you catch it 😉
    When someone realizes what suboxone is and what its for do they seem to act strange to you! I guess it is like that for me I feel like the women/men at my pharmacy just “look” at me differently now that they know what I’m on and I start thinking about all the things that could be possibly going thru there heads. I mean one of them was my neighbor before Katrina hit, so it’s just weird to say “hey xxx can I get 50 bucks worth” LOL you know what I mean ^_^ — I often wonder why so many people sterotype only bc I don’t fit that sterotype at all – my life is great, I have very nice things, not gorgeous but some guys tend to oogl and google at me, but I often vision them finding out what I’m on and when they hear the amount of lorcets my lil 120lb butt could pop i see there mouths drop and disgust in there eyes
    NO like I said no one knows about me except my dr. and ppl at my pharmacy but I often think about what if I did tell others? my family? my husband? although I’m getting stronger and stronger I may tell him soon… you see my point
    Anyway I know I ramble but when I look at you I don’t put you in the back of an alley shooting dope.. or making hundreds of phone calls to get that one fix, no i see a very educated, well mannered man who I happen to have something in common with
    anyway Happy New Year doc!!!

  3. mikecks

    DR. youve been very helpful and honest , 6 months ago i found suboxone the prescribing doctor told me it wasnt addictive and i could throw it away at any time , after my one week visit he prescribed a thirty day supply, upon my next visit he approached me and asked how i was doing and prescibed another 30 days 24mg per day ,my next visit was 2 months later as i was reducing my own dose because i really did have doubts now about its addictive qualities , well after that 2 months he accused me of saying i would be off them in a week , now this has been on my mind every day for the last 3 1/2 months i never said that in fact i had been too the suboxone web site and already new it was addictive but in all honesty i was afraid too voice my knowledge, now after all these months i read your blog and find my suspicions were correct ,, now i am afraid to go back for another appointment but must because i now dont trust this doctor he evidently thinks a fifteen year addiction can be cured in a weeks time their are so few doctors in my area that prescribe is there a chance this guy really thinks this isnt an addictive drug , and are doctors trained too make your visit as unpleasant as possible when dealing with addiction i cant believe this could be helpful to the addict, anyway your videos have been very informative and real , now if you could just help me understand this doctor i went to him for help not just pills thanks

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