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  1. tj

    Just read your letter about the “sweats”,yes I get them really bad at night about 2-3 hours before I get up for work.They come on as well when ever I start to work hard,very badly,but not as a life long pill addicted person to opiates ,they have always been there.Your Dr. sounds whack! only having them filled at one place?Very odd to me,I called around a 60 mile radius to see who had them the cheapest and Meijer’s was the lowest a for 75 pills,at right around 450 bucks.I am on my end of my 3rd week on Sub. and I take 6mgs 3 times per day.My doctor said I could adjust to what dose I needed for myself,but not to take more than the 24mgs per day.So I have been able to stay here for now,this seems like a good dose for me at this time in my program.I have been on methadone programs several time over my addiction struggle,and would never suggest it to someone who is really wanting to get off the opiates.It’s just the atmosphere at which you have to go to get it and Doc. is right they just keep raising your dose until you max out.I was up to 150mg of methadone a day and still getting sick at 3-4 am!I have been opiate free for 3 weeks now,and have had all my normal dealers/friends? calling me to see if I want there scripts!WOW what a great feeling it is to say , nah,I’m cool man,if I want them I will let you know! It is working out GREAT.Heck I have not even wanted to drink or get high/smoke weed either with the Suboxone.Yes the sweats are normal for me.
    user?Hope this helps you.

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