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  1. chuck stiefelmeyer

    It is not just friends and loved ones, unfortunately. I had been on methadone 160 mg per day (religiously) for the previous 12 years when I decided to switch to suboxone. I took a month to decrease to 30 mg methadone, while simultaneously finding a doc who hadn’t reached his “quota” of 100. After a rather difficult additional month, I finally stabilized on 16 mg daily suboxone. On my FIRST refill visit to the sub doc , he dutifully informed me that, ” you know you are on the equivalent of 12 lorcets a day don’t you?,” upon which I repeated my history to him, and expressed anxiety as to the drift of the conversation. He seemed totally perplexed and stated that he “owed” it to me as a “human being” to get me totally off opioids. And said that he didn’t understand why anybody wouldn’t want to be “off that stuff”. I guess I should have been suspicious on the first visit, when he demonstrated that he was unaware of the existance of more than one type of opioid receptor, or that butorphanol was partially antagonistic to the major (mu) receptor. He said that the naloxone was the sole perpetrator of the induced withdrawal symptoms that can occur. On the plus side,I feel much better on suboxone than on methadone,and he has graciously decided to give me “six months” before involuntarily stepping me down. I think he may have slept through his mandatory 8 hour course. But I AM in Alabama.

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