I have posted a poll on Subox Forum with the question, how long do you plan to take Suboxone?  My stance is that since opiate addiction is a life-long disorder, treatment must be life-long as well;  once addicted to opiates a person has several options:  take a buprenorphine product, take methadone, go to meetings regularly for life, or… prison or death.  I have met many opiate addicts and have not yet met one who did not take one of these paths.

Suboxone talk

Regarding Suboxone, I am curious about the experiences out there.  What has your doc told you to do?  What do you plan to do?  In your part of the world is buprenorphine used for short-term, for long-term, or do you have a choice in the matter?

I invite people to reply to the poll, and to post if you have other thoughts on the topic– or about any other topic related to opiates or Suboxone.  You must register, but feel free to use an alias, and of course it is free.


missy · August 11, 2008 at 3:30 am

my doctor told me he would keep me on up till 1 year which will be next month i’m scared to death to get off for the simple fact that i know i will be able to use.I feel safe on the suboxen i know that i cant use on it. I dont know if i want to be on it for the rest of my life but i know i’m not ready to get off not. it has been a god send in my life i know i could not have got off without it i tried i would probly be dead right know if it was’nt for the suboxen i have got a lot of bullshit for being on it some counselers i have gone to belive you are not clean as long as you are still on it but this is the most normal i ahve felt and been in a long time and it saved my life. not sure what i’m going to do next month but will deal with it.

freudian55 · August 11, 2008 at 3:52 am

I don’t understand what doctors are thinking when they place arbitrary time limits on Suboxone. If anyone has ever heard an explanation of why it makes sense to set a time limit, I would be interested in hearing it– the only reason I have heard is because ‘that’s long enought’. Long enough for what?
As for the comments of a counselor, I will address that in a new posting.
Thank you for writing– if you are close by, I am taking a few new patients this month. I can also see people by ‘tele-psychiatry’, particularly those who are already stable on Suboxone. If you are interested you can contact me through my web site:

Lisa Fraley · August 14, 2008 at 11:37 pm

i have been taking suboxone since July 27th 2006…a little over 2 years. I has worked great for me. My doctors theory is this…’if it ain’t broken we won’t try to fix it, broken is what you were when you first stepped foot into my office’… i have no plan to get off of it anytime in the near future…i have worked very hard, i attend meetings regularly and my recovery is very strong…i am very active in Narcotics Anonymous. the only thing that scares me is that my doctor is older…not to say he wont outlive me, but it is a concern.

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