I ended the ‘85% off’ sale of the recordings listed to the right of the blog;  they are also listed at the web page ‘Sober After Suboxone,’ along with some other useful recordings about opiate dependence.  I have received good feedback about the recordings, and I think that the ‘how long’ one is the most useful for the people reading this blog;  people at other stages of opiate dependence may find other recordings more useful, such as the one that discusses opiate dependence treatment options.  The treatment options are NOT just a list of the different options available;  they are a list of the options from the perspective of someone (i.e. me) who has dealt with my own opiate addiction for 16 years.  They take into consideration the fact that few people will commit to residential treatment, and more importantly they take into account the relapsing nature of opiate dependence in SPITE of residential treatment options.
The ‘how long are you going to take that stuff’ recording is for the people who are always on your case about Suboxone– the people who think you are still getting high, or the people who say you have ‘substituted one addiction for another’ (you haven’t, by the way).   I take on these and other issues, such as the fantasy about being ‘clean of all substances’ that comes from NA programs from time to time.  I haven’t fully decided on the title of the book I am almost done with, but I like ‘dying to be clean’, as it captures the folly of going off life-sustaining medication to chase after a shame-based goal to be ‘completely clean.’  For parents who keep harping on their children to stop Suboxone, will you feel better when your son or daughter has died from an overdose while trying to avoid the Suboxone that would have kept him or her alive?  DROP THE IDEA OF BEING OFF EVERYTHING.   Opiate dependence is a horribly fatal illness;  if Suboxone is working, count your blessings and appreciate life.  Finally, addiction is not the ‘use’, it is the ‘obsession’.  Suboxone is unique among opiates in that it addresses the obsession.  THAT is what gives you your son or daughter back.
As I said I stopped the 85% off sale, but I did keep a 50% off sale– not actually a sale, but more a permanent 50% price reduction.  I hope you will continue to use the recording, either to arm yourself with knowledge or to share the information with others.
As I have said before, consider the $10 purchase as a donation to the cause.  I really appreciate those of you who have already purchased one or several of the recordings.

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angelheart · March 14, 2010 at 2:38 pm

do you think 2-4 week taper treatment would be pretty safe? please help! ernie

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