1. superbowlfan

    Determined I am – I dropped to 12mg two days ago, with no ill effects as of yet. Two days from now I will try 8mg, then 4mg next week.
    Will keep you posted…and thanks for the in-depth answer. The more info the better: your words of wisdom are very much appreciated.

  2. Hey Superbowlfan– Speaking of superbowls, I saw an unworthy team go down today in the final minutes of a game at Lambeau, thanks mainly to an incompetent referee crew! Bitter?! Me?!?
    Thanks for the update, and yes, keep in touch. I know I said this already… but the taper is the easy part. The hard part is staying clean for the rest of your life. I do wish you well with that, and encourage you to consider doing the ‘meeting thing’. It really has a great deal to offer.
    One thing I will stress… if, God forbid, you ever relapse, don’t let pride or anything else keep you from getting help ASAP. Call my office if you can’t find a local Suboxone doc and I will help you out, at least temporarily. That is one nice thing about the new age of Suboxone– it used to be that a relapse meant months or years of using… now a relapse can be put into remission almost immediately.

  3. juneleaves

    i went from 16mg to 8 mg with no ill effects withdrawal-wise, though i noticed my body felt a little more sensitive to pain, but some of the less desirable side-effects from suboxone went away from this dosage change (constipation and sweating.)
    SuboxDoc, wow, you are amazing. i always appreciate the warmth and friendliness you exude, even in your crankier posts! (not this one obviously) It is great to know that there are educated open-minded doctors like you out there. I hope that your work helps to keep you sober for the long haul!

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