1. tic

    Since Lorazapam and Ambien are available as relatively inexpensive generics, the patient could continue to take them and just pay cash for the scripts. Then Humana would not be aware of benzodiazapine and “psuedobenzodiazapine” use. Of course this would not help with the maintenace treatment with suboxone. I wonder if Humana would provide coverage if the patient relapses on narcotics.

  2. Selena

    I’m so pleased to see this article. I’m having the same problem with Humana. I was denied coverage as well. I’m appealing it. They said I was not to be covered b/c I was on narcotics. I tried to tell them I’m no longer on them and I need this so I won’t take the opiates. Three years ago they paid it with no problem. Since then I have had several surgeries and the addiction of course kicked in again. I’ve had to pay for a weeks supply. There is no way I can pay for anymore. This is wrong. They had no problem paying for my many scripts of narcotics and now that I want to get off them they are trying to prevent me from doing so. This is WRONG.
    After reading this article I’m in a panic over this. I have had a history of seizures. I would think if that was to happen and they have to hospitlize me it will certainly cost them awhole lot more. By the way,who are they to say no to what a Dr. has said that I need?
    I’m wondering if I was to try to go to the Suboxene Lab if they could help those of us that can not afford to pay for this. We not talking a few dollars here,it is very expensive.
    I’m going to continue to come back to this article with hopes of finding a possible answer.If I find one I’ll certainly be back with the status of what is going on.
    Thank you so much for putting this out for others to see.

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