1. thankfulmom

    This is an example of the insurance company trying to deny payment. I work in the pharmaceutical field and I can tell you (but you know already) that this happens all of the time. I also think it is an example of people treating addicts badly. I wonder if they would feel the same if the med was prescribed for someone who became addicted as a soldier with a severe wound or in a traffic accident with a broken vertebrae. Before anyone can participate in these decisions they should spent a few days in rehab and a few in the emergency rooms . They should see the families and hear their pain. They need to know that we love our addicts just like they love their perfect sons.

  2. moman

    Seems inevitable with the idiotic healthcare law looming. Too many folks fell for all the lies, and even now seek to block its repeal. The whole house of cards in crashing down, so they forced another Ponzi scheme down everyone’s throat!

  3. tlily2001

    How do I know if I’m an addict or just suffer from chronic pain? I have to have surgery but I’m on 6mg of suboxone. I don’t like the side effects which include weight loss and a need to sleep for 12 -14 hours. Should I detox from Suboxone first? Am I craving opiates when I want off of everything so that I can see if I hurt more than
    the flare ups that I now have quite often?
    Here’s my story. I’ve had chronic pain since a fall on ice in 2005. This led to 3 failed rotator cuff sugeries and cervical fusion and a failed hemi-shoulder replacement. I was becoming fearful of using the prescribed amount of Percocet as it was losing it’s power after 2yrs of use. I sought a pm doc who really scared me into being admitted as I was also on Soma which had been prescribed after the cervical fusion. I did not research this doc as I was new to pain management.. This doc was previously a drug addict and lost his license for a while. He came back and became an awesome doctor for addicts. He never saw me or wrote orders for my 2 day stay. He had put me on Suboxone, which I had not heard of prior to being admitted. He talked to me, always accusingly. He did not believe me at any time. I finally got my sister to advocate for me and that ended my nightmare with him.
    I waited 2 months to get into this new doc. My sister went with me the first time. He was in a hurry but apologized and said that he would spend more time getting to know me. My “good side” had started hurting BADLY before the second appt. I thought it was coming fro the neck. So I got in to see the neuro surgeon. He ordered MRIs of the neck and left shoulder. He also ordered an EMG of upper quadrants. I have a full thickness tear of the cuff and severe carpal tunnel on one side

  4. bool452

    I unfortunately picked Humana/Walmart as my Medicare Part D prescription coverage. Humana Has made it a nightmare to get suboxone approved and I have given up. I’m going to try tapering off slowly (I’m scared – I’ve heard sometimes tapering doesn’t seem to help). They have denied coverage mainly because subutex exists. I don’t think my doctor will let me have subutex. There are other problems too, like my doctor makes me to 12 AA meetings a month and get a little sheet signed. I am 56 years old and I feel very foolish waiting in line for my little paper at a meeting where people on suboxone are not wanted. It’s just too hard to get this drug. I’m on 2mg/day and feel very stable. I’d love to stay on longer but it’s not possible. I think I’ll be ok though.

  5. Carlos

    I am on medicare. I was with AARP.United Health was managing my medication with no problem.
    Since Jamuary or so I began to receive letter from Humana. I never made the change.
    Buy now humana bas been going for three dayz playong with my prior approval for suboxone.
    What happened I didn’t request the change from united health to humana.

    • That’s a question for the insurance company covering you. If you have a new insurer, you received a new health insurance card in the mail. You should call the customer service number on the back of that card, and ask what happened.
      It could be that AARP changed the company that provides benefits under their plan. I don’t know, though, if that’s true– you’ll have to make the call and ask.

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