1. Amy

    I have a question in regards to all of this…what i think to be MORE scary false information being passed around from the anti-suboxone groups…
    Is it true that the longer your on suboxone the harder and worse it is to get off it? My belief is long term treatment outweighs the benefits of short term treatment, people who do “the short term” detox ALWAYS seem to relapse…
    I try to talk to people about this at a site/forum i just recently left because of the false and inaccurate information given on a daily basis from people who have never been on suboxone treatment…? i got tired of arguing my point, and tired of defending my recovery…so i left!
    if your interested in reading all the misinformation and see how many people DONT choose suboxone “DAILY” because of the scary info being handed out…go to:
    http://www.medhelp.com its a mess there for anyone on suboxone treatment looking for support. I am in NO WAY promoting this forum for anyone looking for support…its just awful. its was 80% of my problem related to depression.
    i started suboxone treatment in May of 2007, and i feel fine. i am not using, i feel nothing but normalcy. something i hadnt felt in almost 10 years.
    suboxone and the work i put into this literally saved my life, and gave me a 2nd chance at life.

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