1. angelo212

    Wow! Your answere was powerfull and I agree with everything you said. One thing though was that I didn’t know methadone could not be taken without ever-increasing tolerance. I was on 40mg for 2 and a half years and was fine until I got locked up. I never felt the need to increase the dose.Thank you for your valuable time.

  2. daveprince13

    I’ve been on Sub for about 7 months. I really hope I don’t get the lingering WD thing going on. I’ve gotten down to 3mgs recently and it’s actually not as bad as the internet says. I don’t know what factors make up Person A who is miserable without something like that but I haven’t used for years (3 months badly) so I hope that helps me.

  3. Adam Thomas

    I have been on suboxone for nearly 10 years. My new insurance said they wouldn’t pay for it. I went from 4mg daily to 1 mg every three days while continuing work and home life. I used kratom. I really hope research continues.

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