1. Jessica

    I’m an acupuncturist currently treating a woman who is on Suboxone. I’m very interested in the side effects of this Rx, including the potential long term ones. My patient told me that she plans on staying on her prescription for the rest of her life, which seems risky to me. I can see from the symptoms that people experience, that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this medication may cause weaknesses in the physical constitution. From my observation, I would suspect memory loss to be a potential long term effect (combined with lack of deep sleep, daytime fatigue). I’m just speculating here, as I have never read anything about Suboxone’s long term effects. (Is there any research here?) I imagine that people who experience more side effects initially could be more at risk for the long term ones, if there are any. Of course the obvious answer is that other addictions are proven to have potentially worse side effects, so for the short term, it’s certainly the lesser of the (many) evils.
    Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are often used in detox, and show success in treating addiction, especially when they’re combined with therapy. Maybe that can be used as part of your plan for getting off of Suboxone, if its side effects become unbearable. With my patient, the plan is to try to support her physically (and emotionally/spiritually) while she’s on the medication, then help her get off of it when she feels ready.
    Seattle, WA

  2. admin

    See my main post. I find uses for acupuncture, but I have my doubts about using if for addiction. I may be biased for the resentment I carry for the local acupuncturist who told one of my patients to stop her antidepressants… the acupuncturist was nowhere to be found when she needed to be admitted to the psych hospital– for suicidal ideation!

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